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CCR2 deficiency alters activation of microglia subsets in traumatic brain injury.
Somebang K, Rudolph J, Imhof I, Li L, Niemi EC, Shigenaga J, Tran H, Gill TM, Lo I, Zabel BA, Schmajuk G, Wipke BT, Gyoneva S, Jandreski L, Craft M, Benedetto G, Plowey ED, Charo I, Campbell J, Ye CJ, Panter SS, Nakamura MC, Eckalbar W, Hsieh CL.. ArXiv. 2021 Sep 9:arXiv:2109.04509v1. Preprint. ArXiv. 2021. PMID: 34518803 Free PMC article..
To add or not to add: the use of quenching agents for the analysis of disinfection by-products in water samples.
Kristiana I, Lethorn A, Joll C, Heitz A. Kristiana I, et al..

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