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Neutralization of alpha, gamma, and D614G SARS-CoV-2 variants by CoronaVac vaccine-induced antibodies.
Fernández J, Bruneau N, Fasce R, Martín HS, Balanda M, Bustos P, Ulloa S, Mora J, Ramírez E..
This is the day your life must surely change : Prioritising behavioural change in musculoskeletal practice.
Lewis J, Ridehalgh C, Moore A, Hall K. Lewis J, et al..
Effect of methylphenidate on Stroop Color-Word task performance in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Langleben DD, Monterosso J, Elman I, Ash B, Krikorian G, Austin G..
Genetic prion disease-related mutation E196K displays a novel amyloid fibril structure revealed by cryo-EM.
Wang LQ, Zhao K, Yuan HY, Li XN, Dang HB, Ma Y, Wang Q, Wang C, Sun Y, Chen J, Li D, Zhang D, Yin P, Liu C, Liang Y..